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German Cockroach

General Information. The German Cockroach is generally found in the kitchens and bathrooms of homes. They are tan to brownish in color, small size and two dark longitudinal stripes on its Prothorax. Nymphs are extremely small and do not have wings but as they mature they will develop wings but are not capable of flight.

Treatment Preparations. For heavy infestations Dowell Pest Control’s Office Manager will discuss preparations with you. Habitat modification is essential for effective control, the customer will want to identify all sources of food and moisture and remove them. Prior to a Dowell Pest Control Technician’s arrival, the customer will need to remove everything from the cabinets and pantries and place them on the kitchen table with a sheet over them. Clean all surfaces.
The technician will place extra focus on the kitchen and bathroom areas. In the kitchen and bathrooms, the technician will utilize a non-repellant liquid insecticide, a dust insecticide, bait and a flushing agent. The remaining portion and the exterior of the house will be treated as well.

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