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General Information. It is believed that bed bugs originated in caves in the Middle East and fed primarily on bats.   They have since evolved and become a wholly human pest.    While bed bugs are not associated with the spread of diseases, it’s bite can cause swelling and sever itching.   They primarily feed at night while humans are sleeping and the initial bite is not painful, it should be noted that bed bug bites, flea bites and mosquito bites are hard to distinguish between each other.     Bed bugs are wingless insects with an extremely flattened body from top to bottom.    They have a large, round abdomen.  Evidence may include bites on occupants of the structure or small spots of blood on the mattresses or sheets.   These spots are left by the bug following it’s feeding.

Treatment Preparations. A Dowell Pest Control professional will set an appointment to sit down with you to walk you through all preparations required for a bed bug treatment.

Treatments may range from fumigating a structure to utilizing residual insecticide.   A Dowell Pest Control professional will sit down and help you determine your best course of action.

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