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The removal and deterrence of birds can be very difficult, especially in large retail environments. Food stores and food processing facilities offer an environment that is very suitable for birds to live and as you can imagine can cause a significant health risk to shoppers and workers alike. These birds will often spend their whole lives in these facilities and produce future generations that learn how to live, feed, reproduce and evade capture. These birds learn how to take advantage of large spaces with many areas to remain undetected for hours at a time, they can then drop out of the rafters grab a bite eat and be back up and out of sight in no time at all.

The key to keeping birds out of environments that may cause a health risk to humans is removal of existing birds. Once these birds consider these areas home it is imperative to physically remove and relocate them before any deterance work may take place. Dowell Pest Control has well trained Catch Teams that specialize in the humane removal of these wild animals, don’t forget all thought they are cute and live side by side with us they are wild creatures.

Dowell Pest Control’s Catch Team will consist of a Lead Technician and a Supporting Technician. This team will come in and spend two days at a time working to safely catch, remove and relocate these birds. They use an integrated netting system that is stretched across the store/facility and then put pressure on the birds until they fly safely into the nets. Once birds are removed from the store Dowell Pest Control can work with the facility to help build a deterrence program to help avoid future infestations. Please give us a call to help you with your bird control needs!!!!

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