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General Information. Color of carpenter ants range from tan to black and reddish to orange and they are 6 to 13 mm in length.   Habitat of a colony is usually found within wood which is often buried or partially buried in the ground.   You will often find satellite colonies inside of a structure where they are known to cause significant damage.   You can find trails from the satellite colony structure to the primary colony and there maybe between 15,000 and 100,000 workers in a colony.  Carpenter ants are often nocturnal.

Treatment Preparations. Reduce any excessive moisture in the structure and remove any unnecessary wood materials outdoors that maybe an attractant to these ants.  Remove any limbs that may serve as a pathway from a tree to the structure.

Dowell Pest Control may use dust inside of walls and voids to kill the satellite colony and utilize a residual chemical to target the primary colony and the queen outside of the structure.

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