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General Information. Unlike Subterranean termites drywood termite colonies do not reside in the soil.    Often times drywood termites are hard to locate but evidence of them may be their fecal pellets.   These fecal pellets are tiny egg-shaped and very hard, if placed under a microscope you will notice longitudinal depressions on them.   These termites are also found when swarming in late spring and early summer.

Treatment Preparations. Preparations for a fumigation of a structure is often very detailed.   Dowell Pest Control will provide you with a check sheet and sit down with the home owner to ensure that all precautions are taken for a safe application.

There are basically three treatment options for drywood termites.   If the colony is isolated to one piece of lumber it is recommended that the home owner attempt to remove and replace that lumber.   A spot treatment maybe attempted using a dust or residual insecticide, determining the effectiveness of this type of treatment is difficult, the preferred course of action on these termites is the fumigation of the structure.

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