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General Information.   The most common fleas is the Cat Flea.    The adult flea will remain on the host animal that it is feeding on unless it is forced off.  Flea outbreaks can happen quickly as it only takes two weeks for a flea to hatch and reach adult hood.   Fleas are wingless insects that may flip about violently when threatened, they are reddish black in color and have spinney legs.

Treatment Preparations.  A home owner should attempt to locate the primary host of the fleas.  Often it is an indoor pet, dogs and cats are the most likely host.   Often times if raccoons or opossums are inhabiting a structure flea outbreaks maybe prevalent.  Any treatment of the structure by a licensed applicator must be done in conjunction with a treatment of the host, these treatments are most effective when prescribed by a veterinarian.  Prior to any treatment all objects must be removed from the floor and all dirty clothes should be washed and put away.   Any drapes and curtains should be taken down and washed as well.   It is a good practice to vacuum several times prior to the treatment and several times immediately after the treatment.   All pets and residence should be out of the house for at least two hours after the application is made.

Dowell Pest Control will utilize a residual chemical with an insect growth regulator to treat structures.

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