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General Information. The ants are often referred to as sugar ants and are about 1/16th inches long and are very pale yellow and the head and thorax are a little darker.   These ants are often found in the kitchen or around break rooms in offices as they are attracted to sweets.

Treatment Preparations. The home owner should identify the attractant and remove it from the areas the ants are present.

Traditional insecticides are often not only ineffective but may make the problem worse, as they may cause the colony to split up and grow in number.   Dowell Pest Control technicians will use a non-repellant slow acting insecticide as well as slow acting gel baits.   These products will allow for the ant to return to the colony and distribute it to the rest of the colony.    A dust insecticide may also be used to get inside of walls that they may be harboring in.

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