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tawny crazy antTawny Crazy Ants

General Information.   These ants first surfaced in Texas around Houston and are believed to have been introduced through shipping in the Houston Ship Channel.   They have since spread into pockets all along the Gulf Coast.   These ants form massive colonies consisting of thousands of workers and dozens of queens.   These ants are most commonly identified by their wide foraging trails of ants that are move faster and more erratically than typical ants.   These ants are medium in size and yellow-brown to reddish-brown in color with a single node.  They do not sting but due to sheer numbers they can quickly become a nuisance, they are often attracted to electrical devices and can cause equipment to short out.

Treatment Preparations. Most treatments are conducted around the perimeter of buildings.   In preparation for a treatment all clutter to as much extent as possible should be removed from around the perimeter of the structure.

Dowell Pest Control will use a non-repellent contact insecticide that yields a positive transfer effect.   Dowell Pest Control has had great results in treatments of these ants and often times after one application the ants do not return.

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